“International Renewable Energy Agency”

International Renewable Energy Agency “IRENA” has been formed in January 2009 and headquartered in “Masdar city – UAE” as the first city in the world to rely entirely on renewable energy.
IRENA which includes 75 members support countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future, working mainly as a platform for international cooperation in the field of renewable energy (solar, wind, hydropower, and ocean, organic and other natural energies).
IRENA encourages the use of all forms of renewable energy so as to achieve sustainable development, energy security, and low carbon economic growth. As they’re Non-depleting and non-polluting energies they offer the world the only and best chance to get energy in the future.
The use of renewables will provide more justice between rich and poor nations. The more usage of renewables from current generations will not curb the chances of future generations to use them, but on the contrary, the intensive use of them now will secure safety and security for the coming generations.