Wood Mackenzie: Industry needs to start adapting for the longer term

Most companies are currently focused on surviving at US$30/bbl by cutting costs and activity, but the industry also needs to start adapting for the longer term, according to a report by Wood...

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UK: Backing onshore oil and gas industry and developing shale gas

“As part of our long-term plan to build a more resilient economy, create jobs and deliver secure energy supplies, we continue to back our onshore oil and gas industry and the safe development...

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BGS to keep an eye on UK shale gas exploration

The British Geological Survey revealed it plans to expand its existing programs by carrying out independent detailed research in areas of the UK that may see shale gas exploration and production. The...

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Britain: More than 300 licenses granted since fracking ban was lifted

Energy Minister Michael Fallon said this week it has issued more than 300 licenses for onshore oil and natural gas exploration since a ban on shale gas hydraulic fracturing was lifted. “The...

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Abu Dhabi’s TAQA gets nod on UK North Sea plan

Abu Dhabi National Energy, also known as TAQA, has announced that its plan to develop part of the Cladhan field in the UK North Sea has been approved by the UK government. Cladhan is expected to...

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